The following APIs are designed to allow monitoring and quick access to data. However, they aren't suitable for development purposes and in real-time tracking. If you're trying to watch monitor irt pool creation please refer to: https://github.com/raydium-io/raydium-sdk-V1-demo/blob/master/src/subNewAmmPool.ts

CL Pool API: https://api.raydium.io/v2/ammV3/ammPools CL Pool configs: https://api.raydium.io/v2/ammV3/ammConfigs CL Pool positions: https://api.raydium.io/v2/ammV3/positionLine?pool_id=[AMM ID]

CP Pool API: https://api.raydium.io/v2/main/pairs

CP Farm API: https://api.raydium.io/v2/main/farm/info

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