Pool creation fees

There is no protocol fee for creating a CLMM pool. However, some Solana network and third-party fees apply:

1) Creation of a new Tick Array: 0.07216128 SOL

2) Creation of a protocol position: 0.00245688 SOL

3) Creation of an account to store personal position*: 0.00284664 SOL

4) Creation of the NFT position (ATA)*: 0.00203928 SOL

5) Minting of the NFT and associated metadata: 0.00561672 SOL

6) Metaplex protocol fee: 0.01 SOL. This amount may vary please refer to Metaplex documentation.

7) SOL network fee, and priority fee: <0,000007 SOL

Note that it is impossible to close a pool once created. None of the fees mentioned above are refundable, except for those marked with *.

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