Staking History Tool

Considering recent 3rd-party wallet security issues, some Raydium users may wish to migrate to new or more secure hard wallets while keeping staking history for AcceleRaytor eligibility. As such, snapshots from August 2, 00:00 UTC to August 19, 10:00 UTC are paused to allow users to change wallets. Changing wallets is optional.

If you want to change wallets: This tool allows you to sign a transaction (no SOL needed) in an old wallet and link the staking snapshot history to a new wallet.

If you want to keep your same wallet: No need to take any action, just keep staking.

This tool will be available until August 19, 10:00 UTC, after which staking snapshots for all wallets will resume.


  • This tool only links old wallet staking snapshot history to a new wallet, it DOES NOT unstake, stake or transfer ANY funds. Users need to manually transfer or stake RAY.

  • If you have lost funds due to the recent wallet exploit, your old wallet should be considered compromised. Any other funds in that wallet, staked or otherwise, could still be drained by an attacker.

  • The migration tool does not require SOL for the signing transaction - DO NOT send funds to any compromised wallet!

Steps to migrate staking history to a new wallet:

  1. Stake RAY with NEW wallet. RAY needs to be staked with the new wallet before using the tool.

  2. Click ‘Migrate Staking History’ on the staking page and paste your NEW wallet address. Staked RAY balance of the new wallet will be displayed.

  3. Make sure to connect your OLD wallet. Disconnect your new wallet if previously connected.

  4. Click ‘Migrate’ and sign the transaction, no SOL is required. The tool will then display the new wallet address that the old wallet is linked to.

Additional Notes:

  • An old wallet can only link to one new wallet, however multiple old wallets can bind to a single new wallet. This is an option if a user wants to consolidate staked RAY to a single new wallet.

  • The tool does not require the RAY amount staked in the new wallet to be equal to the previous staked amount in the old wallet. Users should make sure they have the correct amount staked by the end of the migration period when snapshots resume August 19, 10:00 UTC.

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