Farms allow liquidity providers to earn tokens for providing liquidity, in addition to trading fees.

How to stake into farms:

  1. Either follow the pop-up window following a deposit on CPMM pool, or stake at a later stage by clicking on the + next to your position on the 'portfolio' page.

2. Some pools have several farms, you can select the pool in the dropdown menu. Input the number LP tokens you want to stake and click 'Stake Liquidity'.

3. Make sure to approve the transaction in your wallet. After the transaction confirms, you should be staked and are now earning rewards for staking liquidity pool tokens in farms!

That's it! You're now farming on Raydium.

How to reclaim your LP tokens staked in a farm:

1. click the '-' button next to your position under the 'portfolio' page.

  1. Select the target farm and the number of LP tokens you want to unstake. Click 'Unstake Liquidity' and confirm in your wallet.

That's it, your LP tokens should now appear in your wallet. To reclaim tokens from the pools you can follow this guide.

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