Serum DEX3 upgrade

What's happening?

Serum has upgraded from DEX2 to Serum DEX3. Raydium has upgraded to align with the update.

As part of the upgrade, new liquidity pools/farms on DEX3 are live on Raydium. This means that current pools on DEX2 have migrated liquidity to DEX3 pools.

What do I need to do?

If you're NOT farming/providing liquidity in legacy pools: You don't need to do anything.

If you ARE farming/providing liquidity for any legacy pools: To ensure you to continue to receive farming rewards, you'll need to migrate liquidity to the new DEX3 pools.

How do I migrate liquidity and start farming the new pools?

  1. There is a simple migration tool to assist in migrating liquidity which can be found on the Raydium app.

2. After you unstake and remove liquidity through the migration tool, you will need to manually add liquidity and stake your LP tokens into the new farms. After launch you won't be able to add liquidity or stake in legacy pools so there's no worry of adding to the wrong pools.

3. That's it! You've now migrated to Raydium's new liquidity pools and can keep earning RAY!

What happens if I don't remove liquidity from legacy pools?

Raydium will continue supporting legacy pools for a time, however farming rewards for these pools will gradually decrease. After the grace period is over, the pools will no longer receive farming rewards, so it's in your best interest to migrate liquidity as soon as possible.

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