Hybrid AMM Bug Bounty Details

Documentation and instruction for PoC can be found here:

A public testnet of Raydium’s AMM can be found at: AMMjRTfWhP73x9fM6jdoXRfgFJXR97NFRkV8fYJUrnLE

A public testnet of OpenBook’s Central Limit Order Book can be found at: EoTcMgcDRTJVZDMZWBoU6rhYHZfkNTVEAfz3uUJRcYGj

If a Critical Impact can be caused to any other asset managed by Raydium that isn’t on this table but for which the impact is in the Impacts in Scope section below, you are encouraged to submit it for consideration by the project. This only applies to Critical impacts.

Hybrid AMM Assets in Scope

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