Blinks and Referrals

Creators can create referral links for any token or pool and share them online. These links are compatible with Blinks on, provided users have enabled this feature in their wallet settings.

When users interact with a Blink or perform a swap using a referred link on, the creator earns a 1% referral fee. This is a powerful way to expand your community and incentivize engagement.

1. Connect Your Wallet: Go to the swap UI and connect your wallet. If you don't connect a wallet, you can still create Blink or direct swap links, but these won't collect referral fees.

2. Select a "To" Token: Choose the token you want to swap for, ie: RAY in the screenshot below.

3. Generate the Link: Click on the chain link symbol located in the top right corner of the Swap window. You can then share this link on any platform. When shared on, it automatically appears as a Blink to users who have enabled the Blink function.

4. Earn Referral Fees: For every swap made through your shared link, you earn a 1% referral fee.


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