Integration with OpenBook

OpenBook is a decentralized and open-sourced, community-led fork of the Serum V3 program on Solana. While previously Raydium (as well as many other Solana projects) integrated and shared liquidity to Project Serum's order book, concerns have been raised about the longevity of Project Serum. Out of caution, Raydium's AMM has entirely stopped sharing liquidity to the Serum order book.

Raydium is excited to support and work alongside the talented team of builders that are picking up and taking OpenBook forward, and will be integrating Raydium's hybrid AMM with the protocol.

So, what does this integration look like?

  • Raydium's AMM will begin integrating with select OpenBook markets.

  • The AMM will begin sharing liquidity in pools and market making on the OpenBook order book.

  • Users on any OpenBook GUI will be able to trade against liquidity from Raydium's AMM.

  • When creating a new permissionless pool on Raydium, users or projects will first need to create and provide an OpenBook market ID (instead of a Serum market ID).

You can learn more about OpenBook below:

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