Best practices

for interacting with dAPPs

Always verify the URL of the website you are interacting with before connecting your wallet. is Raydium's only domain name. Any variation you may see on social networks, on a video description, or on an NFT is illegitimate and should be treated as dangerous.

Always verify the transaction you are signing. Whether you are on a legitimate website or not, always give a double-take before approving a transaction on your wallet.

Do your own research. Raydium like many other dAPP is a fully permissionless platform. Raydium smart contracts allow any project or community to create a pool or farm.

  • Verify the token address: Ticker and Logo are set freely by token creators, the token mint is the true identity of a token. It suggested for users to copy and paste contract addresses rather than typing in the ticker.

  • Read the documentation before interacting with smart contracts. If you have doubts about the implications of one of your actions, feel free to join the Raydium Discord or Telegram for 24/7 support.

  • Pay attention to warnings. Whether it is a slippage warning informing you of potential bad execution or a confirmation to add a new mint to your token list, always read the information before approving.

  • Make sure you have read and understand Raydium disclaimer.

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