Serum DEX Deprecation

The Raydium trading page will deprecate Serum integration December 14.

The Raydium trading page ('Trading' tab on left navigation of the site) is a graphical user interface (GUI) that allowed users to access the central order book of the Project Serum DEX through its relevant smart contracts.

Due to recent events, it seems unlikely that Project Serum will be further developing or supporting the Serum order book. As a result, the Raydium trading GUI will fully deprecate Serum integration on December 14.

Note: All other Raydium features, including swaps, pools, farms and staking will continue to operate as normal. Only the trading page ( is affected.

Users should cancel and settle existing Serum orders immediately, before December 14!

  • Placing new orders is already disabled. Existing orders can still be canceled and settled until December 14.

  • On December 14, the trading page will be deprecated and the UI will no longer integrate with Serum. All interactions with the Serum order book will be disabled.

Where to access Serum after December 14?

There are several other protocols that host GUIs for the Project Serum DEX where orders can be managed. However, note that some protocols may also have plans to deprecate Serum markets.

  • Existing orders and unsettled funds can be viewed, cancelled and settled by connecting a wallet on Step Finance.

Other protocols hosting Serum GUIs, :

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