Pool creation FAQ

Fee tiers
Fee tiers correspond to the taker fees paid for each swap going through the pool. You can find the distribution model here.
Standard AMM pools have a fixed fee tier of 25bps (0.25%)
CLMM pools have customizable fee tiers of 1bps, 5bps, 25bps, and 100bps (0.1% to 1%). Lower fee tiers are recommended for very stable pairs.
Only one pool can be created per fee tier.

Standard AMM pool

Can I lock my LP tokens?
There isn't any option to lock tokens per se on Raydium. However, to definitely lock your liquidity on Raydium: you can either burn the LP tokens or the associated token account.
Be mindful, by doing either of these actions you won't be able to retrieve the liquidity deposited in the pool.

Ecosystem Farms

What are ecosystem farms?
They are permissionless farms. They further the decentralization of liquidity on Solana by enabling any project team or user to create a farm and bootstrap liquidity by offering reward emissions on any pool! Here's the how-to-guide on farm creation.
Can I withdraw rewards before the end of the emission period?
Rewards allocated to farms are final and cannot be withdrawn once the farm is created
Can I extend the duration my farm?
You can add additional rewards to a farm 72 hours prior to the end of the farming period. Adding rewards means that the emissions rate (rewards per day) will remain the same but the period will be extended.


I can't see my pool
It can take a few minutes for your pool to display on the UI after creation. If you created your pool on a timer, you can check its status on the swap interface: inputting the base and quote tokens will display a countdown in place of the swap button. - don't hesitate to share that countdown with your community.
Tip: You can quickly show created pools by ticking "show created" at the top of the list.
Pool already created error
A pool already exists for this token pair. No need to create a new pool, you can provide liquidity to the existing one.
Token verify error
This error means that your token has freeze authority enabled. You can either disable it programmatically or use a no-code spl manager like Strata.
Other errors / your question is not answered in this FAQ.
No worries, you can join our discord or telegram for 24/7 support! Raydium's CMs will be more than happy to help you.