Swapping tokens on Raydium is similar to other platforms, just faster and cheaper. 😉
How to Swap
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Swap using the tabs at the top of the app, then connect your wallet.
2. Next, select from drop down which tokens you want to swap. For this example, we'll be swapping From USDT To LINK.
3. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to swap. Finally click Swap!
Note: Unlike Ethereum based Swaps that will cancel your entire order if price moves past your slippage tolerance during the swap, RaydiumSwap will fill your order up to the "Worst price" and cancel the rest.
4. You will need to click 'Approve' in your wallet to confirm the transaction.
5. Shortly after the transaction is confirmed you should be able to see your new balance, although this can sometimes take a few seconds to refresh.
You have now done your first swap on Raydium. Now let's get swappin!
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