Welcome to UI V3

The UI V3 is out, get a taste of the future of Raydium


Charts: V3 now onboards charts for any tradable token pairs on Raydium. This feature is accessible from both mobile and desktop platforms and can be easily toggled off by clicking the icon located at the top right corner of the swap UI.

Please note: The data available on the chart view represents historical quoted prices on Raydium and does not originate from Oracles or CEX data.

Finding tokens: The new swap GUI now integrates Jupiter tokens lists (strict or all) on top of the Raydium list. You can adjust your token list settings by clicking on a ticker and selecting "view token list". To prevent users from swapping for an incorrect token, Raydium prompts users to paste the contract address of tokens not included in any of the token lists. You can find this address directly on the project documentation, Raydium pool list, or any explorer.

Exact out: Raydium V3 introduces a new bi-directional routing engine. Raydium's Swap UI now allows you to input the exact amount of quote token you wish to receive from a swap. When using Exact Out the slippage is applied to the base token amount. For example, you can specify the exact amount you'd like to swap for, with only the amount of base token paid susceptible to deviation from the quote based on your slippage tolerance.


Raydium V3 introduces a new portfolio page, displaying user positions. This page serves as the main interface for users to manage their positions (such as adding/withdrawing liquidity, collecting yield, etc.). However, users can create pools and positions from the pool list. This new page also offers quick access for pool and farm creators to edit their incentive campaigns.


The Liquidity Pools page now consolidates all Raydium liquidity under one roof. You can easily access CLMM, Standard (AMM pools), or ALL pools on the same interface. Additionally, this new page also comes with a card view which can be toggled by clicking the settings button next to the search bar.

User settings

All user settings and customization, which were previously scattered across different windows, are now reunited in the top right corner of your screen.

You'll notice two additions to the user's customizations:

Language package: Experience Raydium in your language! You can now choose your preferred language from the settings panel. The list of supported languages is expected to expand with community support.

Please note: All of the translations are provided by community members, and may contain errors. Raydium is not liable for translation mistakes. Spotting inconsistencies in the translation, or your language is missing? Feel free to contribute by making a pull request to the following files: //GITHUB LINK LANGUAGE PACKAGE (coming later)

Color theme: Raydium V3 brings light to DeFi.

You can now choose between the original Raydium Dark theme or the brand-new Light theme.

Mobile Optimization

Raydium V3 has been optimized for mobile users ensuring a smoother experience on the different wallet apps.

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