Raydium farms allow liquidity providers to earn tokens for providing liquidity, in addition to trading fees. Stakers in Raydium farms earn RAY while stakers in Fusion pools can earn project tokens!
  1. 1.
    Navigate to the 'Farms' tab and connect your wallet.
2. Click the pair you wish to farm. On the left side, under 'Add liquidity' click on the pair LP, or head to the 'Liquidity' tab at the top of the page. Follow these instructions for adding liquidity.
3. Once you've added liquidity and have LP tokens in your wallet, click 'Stake LP' under the pool you would like to farm.
4. Enter the amount or click 'MAX' to stake all LP tokens. Then click 'Confirm'.
5. Make sure to approve the transaction in your wallet. After the transaction confirms, you should be staked and are now earning RAY for for Raydium farms or project tokens for Fusion farms!
That's it! You're now farming on Raydium.
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